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    General Rules
    Advert is /ad not /advert.
    1-Don’t post personal information on server.
    2-Don’t RDM.
    3-Don’t DDOS or threaten anyone/server.
    4-Don’t exploit or try to crash server.
    5-Don’t Hack/Cheat.
    6-Don’t advertise any other servers.
    7-Don’t alt after being banned/warned.
    8-Don’t bully players.
    9-Don’t argue with admins/Don’t harass admins.
    10-Don’t use multi binds. such as “/ad raid/carjack/raid assist/raid over/pd raid/counter raid”.
    Max bind can be. “/ad raid/raid over” , “/ad PD raid/PD raid over” , “/a Raid assist/Raid over” etc

    Raiding Rules
    1-Max Raid Time is 10 minutes.
    2-Time between raids 5 minutes
    3-Time between raids on same person 20 minutes
    4-Max amount of raiders/group size 10
    5-When raiding you must always see the base from your location. No running away then run back to raid.

    NLR rules
    1-NLR is New Life Rule.
    2-After death you must wait 5 minutes before going back to your death location or any situation you were in.
    3-You may return to your base when the raid is finished if it was less time than 5 minutes.
    4-No remembering who killed you and going to kill them.
    5-NLR is always a Rule!

    Mug Rules.
    1- 5 min cooldown on same person to mug.
    2- 1 min cooldown to mug a new person.
    3- Have to mug with a gun pointed at the person.

    Building Rules.
    1-Ask admin if your base is legal if you do not understand building rules after built.
    2-Fading door must be 1 prop , no more.
    3-No Crouch entrances.
    4-No Jump entrances.
    5-No 1 way props.
    6-No KOS baiting , saying “come in free guns” and then proceed to kill them because of a KOS sign.
    7-Fading doors must have a distance to fit 3 player models in between.
    8-can have an additional fading door on valuables.
    9-Can’t have more than 2 fading doors per doorway.
    10-Must have keypad delays at 5 seconds , no less.

    Job Rules Below

    Pizza Chef
    1-Don’t spam buy items trying to crash server.
    2-Can’t Raid/Mug.

    Cinema Owner
    1-No Ear-rape.
    2-Can’t Raid/Mug.

    1-Props may be places on the road but not obstruct the road.
    2-Can’t have printers.
    3-Can’t base.
    4-Can’t Raid/Mug.

    1-Can’t solo base.
    2-Can only be employed by Gun-Dealers/Drug-Dealers/Black-Market-Dealers/Bankers.
    3-Can’t Raid/Mug.

    1-Store Printers Legally.
    2-you can charge people to have their printers stored in your “Bank”.
    3-Can’t Raid/Mug.

    1-Can’t “sell” cocaine to people.
    2-Can’t Raid/Mug

    1-Only single handed weapons.
    2-Can’t make “racist” laws.
    3-Can only police raid.

    1-Can only KOS someone if damaged by them.
    2-Can’t Batton rush into a room.
    3-Can AOS if laws says so.
    4-Can’t become police just to allow a PD raid.
    5-Can turn a blind eye to any gang/mafia.
    6-Can’t turn a blind eye against PD raid.
    7-Can’t arrest other officers.
    8-Can’t Kill other officers.
    9-Follows mayors rules.
    10-Can only police raid.

    1-Can’t Base with anyone.
    2-Can’t Raid/Mug.

    1-Can base with a group bigger than 2.
    2-Can’t group up with Police/Swat/Mayor.
    3-Can Raid/Mug with a group.

    1-No accepting hits on “Bot01” you can’t kill it.
    2-No Raiding to get to target.

    1-Can join any team except Cop/Swat/Mayor/DrugDealer/GunDealer/BlackMarketDealer
    2-Can Raid PD with a team size of 2 or more.
    3-Have to advert raid.
    4-Can sell weapons to people that you have stolen.
    5-Can Raid/Mug

    1-Mafia may get a blind eye from cops.
    2-Gangs can have a war , both sides must advert (War accepted with “gangname”)
    3-Either team may stop the war at any point , advert (War surrender with “teamname”)
    4-Gang Members can’t inside the other gangs.
    5-Can Raid/Mug – Must have the leader of gang with you , when he dies the raid/mug is over.

    1-You may not sell to specific people , You must have a sign with their names.
    2-You have to have a shop setup.
    3-Can’t Raid/Mug.

    1-Can’t place “refiners” on the road. Must be in a base.
    2-Cant base with anyone but their own teams.
    3-Can’t Raid/Mug.

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